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Shakeyla provides courses, workshops, and coaching services that help you or your team enhance their personal and professional capabilities, allowing them to proudly show up to their full potential in certain spaces whether it's for them or their organization. 

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Being intentional through it all not only allowed Shakeyla to show up for herself but for those who may be too scared to show up or haven't figured it out... yet!

This book shows you what happens when you commit to show up for yourself... and also when you don't.

Intentionally Here is an intimate and exhilarating memoir. At that age of 30, discovering the benefits of intentionality - Shakeyla takes us 

on a heartfelt journey. 


This journey details exciting highs from meeting Oprah Winfrey, 

and working on a Shonda Rhymes TV show at Paramount Studios to healing from extreme lows of Bipolar Depression, and enduring unpleasant experiences while serving her first term in local government

as the current youngest serving member in the midst of a global pandemic.

Showing up with intention is what I do...