Empowering others to be intentional

about how they show up for themselves.

Shakeyla is blessed to show up in various ways…

Discover her diverse approaches by exploring her portfolio.

The Haus Host

Her firm is a grassroots marketing agency that specializes in marketing, public relations, expansion, and coaching services for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small business owners. The agency prioritizes working with minority-led entities, recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities these businesses face in today's marketplace.

Let's Work Together!

Former Elected Leader

As an elected official representing the community where she was raised, Shakeyla takes pride in serving her constituency by advocating for their interests. She is especially committed to demonstrating to residents of Fayetteville, NC that they can achieve any aspiration they set their minds to.

Author + Motivational Speaker

Shakeyla's aim is to empower others, and her passion lies in showing up and supporting others through her motivational speaking engagements and as your #GoalFreind. She extends her perspectives beyond her written work, particularly in her book "Intentionally Here: Here's What Happens When You Show Up for Yourself".


Shakeyla M. Ingram is a vocal leader who believes in standing up for what is right and advocating for  others. She currently serves as an elected official in her home town of Fayetteville, NC. Friends, family, colleagues and associates recognize Shakeyla for her positive energy and consistency in showing up as a loving, driven, and supportive individual.

Shakeyla uses her life experiences to show others that they are not alone in this world when striving to be intentional. Her greatest joy comes from helping those individuals get through their experiences by sharing how she moved through hers.

Simple Reminder:

I don’t care how many people appear to do what I do. 

They don’t do it like me. 

They don’t do it with my brain, my ethics, my values, or my heart... 

As you evolve you will make a lot of people uncomfortable...

- Shakeyla M. Ingram